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Downriver Smiles Sedation Dentistry

Our pledge to you at Downriver Smiles is to provide quality dental care in a relaxed, comfortable setting. A major means of keeping that promise is by providing sedation dentistry to help members of our dental family relax while undergoing dental treatments. Whether you suffer from severe dental phobia or just need a bit of help to relax, Downriver Smiles has sedation dentistry options at our state-of-the-art dental center in Spokane, WA.

Sedation dentistry not only helps you to relax and/or be unaware of activity in your mouth during dental treatments, but it also assists Dr. Gaunt and our dental team at Downriver Smiles by providing a stable, calm patient on which to work. This means less risk for errors or problems when providing you the absolute best oral care in Spokane.

Dr. Gaunt will always offer some form of aid to reduce or eliminate pain during any oral procedure, but often, our patients are nervous or apprehensive about the procedure even before it begins. Sedation dentistry bridges that gap by helping you relax before we begin, contributing to an overall pleasant and beneficial dental care experience.

Oral Conscious Sedation

As a trained and experienced dentist, Dr. Gaunt recommends the proper form of sedation dentistry only after learning about your health history, current condition and desires for treatment. One of the most popular forms of sedation for more extensive dental treatments is oral conscious sedation. This is a pill that Dr. Gaunt will prescribe before your treatment appointment.

You will take this medication before arriving at our dental clinic in Spokane for treatment. Obviously, you will need a responsible adult to drive you to and from your appointment. While you are not completely unconscious, you are in a semi-relaxed state and will likely remember nothing about your dental care treatments.

Nitrous Oxide

Perhaps the most popular form of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide. Popularly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is breathed in through a mask just before your dental treatment. You become euphoric and relaxed, but also aware of your surroundings. Unlike oral conscious sedation, you completely regain your senses and awareness after the gas is cut off, after only a few breaths of fresh air. You are completely safe to drive yourself home.

This form of sedation is used for quick and light dental treatments, as it allows for fast sedation and quick recovery. It is also a great tool to help excited children or adults relax if they are nervous about having dental treatments.

Being nervous about obtaining dental care is nothing to be ashamed of, and we seek to meet all your needs for a pleasant dental experience at Downriver Smiles. Contact our dentist office today to schedule your appointment. Be sure to tell our team if you require some assistance to relax while undergoing dental treatment at our clinic in Spokane. We are happy to safely and compassionately accommodate your needs.


  • Dr. Gaunt and the entire staff at Downriver Smiles are fantastic people. Very thorough, professional, caring and kind. The attention to detail and desire to leave me better than they found me makes this office a cut above. Thank you Downriver Smiles for being so thoughtful and helpful every time I come in.

    Jack D.
  • Best dentist in Spokane! Don’t look any further! I chipped my front tooth and they got me in the next day! Left with a beautiful smile and my wallet still intact! I wasn’t an existing patient, but I am now! Awesome environment and extremely friendly staff! 10/10 hands down would recommend!

    Cortney G.
  • Dr. Gaunt replaced my two front crowns that I have had since I was 15 years old and now I am 59. He was very meticulous in sizing, shaping, fitting and color matching and spent adequate time to achieve those results. This is the best dental care I have ever had in my life. I highly recommend Downriver Smiles and their very friendly and caring staff.

    Tim A.


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