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Grinding your teeth may be an unconscious habit, but it does considerable damage to your teeth. Although teeth enamel is harder than bone, it can be worn down by constant teeth clenching and grinding. If you do this while awake, you can be made aware of it and take measures to stop. But how can you stop grinding your teeth in your sleep? This condition is known as bruxism, and it can be treated with general dentistry. Downriver Smiles in Spokane creates custom mouthguards for treating bruxism.

Grinding your teeth, or clenching your teeth while nervous or stressed, is actually a common problem. In addition to damaging your teeth and making extensive repairs necessary, you can actually cause jaw joint issues as well. Jaw pain, clicking when opening your mouth or chewing and earaches are all signs that your jaw joint may have problems. Often, this can be traced back to grinding the teeth during the day while under stress, or even unconsciously at night.

Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

A number of patients need a mouthguard to prevent nocturnal teeth grinding. They grind or clench their teeth together at night while asleep. Whether it is from tension, stress or some other cause, it does incredible damage to your teeth over time. A dental nightguard is worn while sleeping to keep the teeth from meeting together. This prevents teeth grinding, or bruxism, while you are asleep and unable to control it.

While an over-the-counter mouthguard can be picked up at a local sports supply store, it is a poor substitute for a custom nightguard. Dr. Gaunt uses our 3D cone beam scanner to create a digital model of your teeth that is then sent to a dental lab. The lab creates a custom mouthguard or nightguard just for you. This usually takes about a week. A custom nightguard created by your dentist is far superior to the alternatives – especially doing damage to your teeth that makes expensive repairs necessary.

Athletic Mouthguards for Youth & Adults

If you or a child in your family plays sports, especially a contact sport, you should consider a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth. Many contact sports require it; however, most teeth injuries from sports occur while playing basketball, and no mouthguard is required. Other sports that risk damage to your smile include baseball, football, soccer and rugby. Downriver Smiles cares about protecting your smile, so we offer custom mouthguards at our modern dental clinic in Spokane.

You can always pick up an over-the-counter mouthguard at a local sports store. Some are even fitted to the mouth by soaking them in hot water to make them more pliable, then biting into the device. While any protection may be better than nothing, a custom mouthguard offers many benefits over store-bought models.

A custom mouthguard fits your teeth exactly, and far more comfortably, than a generic mouthguard. This means you or your child are much more likely to wear it regularly. Plus, as your child grows, so do their teeth and jaws; wearing an ill-fitting mouthguard could actually impair their oral health and cause problems.

Custom Dental Mouth Guard in Spokane

Dr. Cory Gaunt is an experienced dentist in Spokane, and he has seen numerous patients needing emergency dentistry because of a sports injury. He recommends a custom mouthguard for any sport with a risk of damaging the teeth. It is also wise to get a new custom mouthguard every season, as growth or wear can make them less effective.

Dr. Gaunt uses advanced technology to create a digital model of your mouth and teeth – no more gummy, foul-tasting molds! Our 3D cone beam scanner creates the model that is then sent to a dental lab. In about a week, your dental mouthguard is ready. You will return to our office for a fitting, to ensure there are no problems. Dr. Gaunt will also explain how to clean and maintain your mouthguard for the longest effective use.

Contact Downriver Smiles in Spokane today for a consultation to create a dental nightguard to prevent bruxism.


  • Dr. Gaunt and the entire staff at Downriver Smiles are fantastic people. Very thorough, professional, caring and kind. The attention to detail and desire to leave me better than they found me makes this office a cut above. Thank you Downriver Smiles for being so thoughtful and helpful every time I come in.

    Jack D.
  • Best dentist in Spokane! Don’t look any further! I chipped my front tooth and they got me in the next day! Left with a beautiful smile and my wallet still intact! I wasn’t an existing patient, but I am now! Awesome environment and extremely friendly staff! 10/10 hands down would recommend!

    Cortney G.
  • Dr. Gaunt replaced my two front crowns that I have had since I was 15 years old and now I am 59. He was very meticulous in sizing, shaping, fitting and color matching and spent adequate time to achieve those results. This is the best dental care I have ever had in my life. I highly recommend Downriver Smiles and their very friendly and caring staff.

    Tim A.


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