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Dental implants are the closest dental restoration to your natural teeth. However, they are not indestructible, just like your natural teeth. They can be broken, come loose or otherwise fail and need work. With no tooth root to warn you of a problem, the damage can become worse before you know it. This is why regular checkups to monitor your implants are so important. When problems develop with your dental implants, Dr. Cory Gaunt offers dental implant restorations at Downriver Smiles in Spokane, WA.

Implants can fail for a number of reasons. Trauma, gum disease, jawbone deterioration or a poor implant placement can all cause your implant to become loose or break. Regular dental checkups to monitor your implants and overall oral health are vital to maintaining the success of your implants. Small issues can be detected before they develop into larger, more costly problems.

Poor placements are a common reason for dental implant restorations. Unskilled dentists can improperly place implants that can loosen or otherwise fail and require a restoration. Dr. Gaunt can determine the reason behind your implant problem and correct it to restore a healthy and functional smile at Downriver Smiles.

Spokane Implant Repairs

Smaller problems with your implant can mean only repairs are necessary. You may break a crown biting onto a popcorn kernel, or impact can cause it to come loose. Dr. Gaunt can perform simple implant repairs at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Spokane. Sometimes the crown can come loose and simply need to be bonded back into place. If it is broken, we can affix a temporary crown while the dental lab creates a new one.

Dental implants that come loose can sometimes be fixed with a bone graft. Other times, Dr. Gaunt may recommend a complete restoration, which entails removing the old implant and replacing it with a new one. Dr. Gaunt can recommend the best course of action when your dental implant has problems or needs a repair.

Downriver Smiles is your premier source for implant dentistry in Spokane, and that includes implant repairs or restorations. Contact us today if you have a problem with your dental implant – we may be able to see you today to make repairs or offer assistance until a restoration can be performed.


  • The employees at Shadle Smiles [Downriver] are so friendly and make sure you understand your procedures and cost before work is done. Dr Harding was my dentist and listened to my concerns about work to be done. He only does what work really needs to be done and what can wait. Love this place!

    Patty M.
  • Best dentist in Spokane! Don’t look any further! I chipped my front tooth and they got me in the next day! Left with a beautiful smile and my wallet still intact! I wasn’t an existing patient, but I am now! Awesome environment and extremely friendly staff! 10/10 hands down would recommend!

    Cortney G.
  • Downriver Smiles is amazing! They provide the kind of experience that we all hope for when going to the dentist. Everyone there is caring and takes all the time needed to make sure you are comfortable and that your questions are answered. Dr. Harding is wonderful! I would never want to go anywhere else.

    Chris B.
  • Dr. Harding is gentle and thorough in his care. He always explains what he is doing and why. Great office staff, too.

    Sheri D.


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